Services, with a Smile!

Websites Taylored to your Market

Someone to work with your company, creating new web designs, organizing content, developing tools to manage your site, advise on new media and search engines, online marketing. Redesigns. Resource for hire.

User Interface Design

I can help you to achieve a beautiful and usable user interface for your web application or desktop-based application. When designing a user interface it is important to be intuitive, and I believe that no one does it better than Apple with their simple to use products that intuitively only provide you with contextual-navigation to ensure the next step in whatever you are trying to do easily discovered.

Web Marketing

As part of every web project, make sure you plan with your audience in mind. Better information architecture and attention to user experience design can significantly increase the value of your site and success of your project.

Website Maintenance

Your website is a primary sales and marketing arm of your company and as such it must be nurtured and maintained. Many companies lack in-house resources to keep their site fresh. Don't miss opportunities while you struggle to keep your site up to date, see what digiPETE can do for you!

E-Commerce Development

Looking to put your products and services online? digiPETE offers e-commerce solutions with a list of benefits that you may have never thought of. Whether you are selling a few items, or a few thousand, we can match you with a solution custom fit for your business.

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing

Built with Google in mind. Search engine optimized. Advice on increasing traffic, building links. Analytics to measure site traffic. Twitter and Facebook accounts. Email newsletters. How to write content for websites. Online strategy.

Email Marketing

Online promotion yields measurable efforts that help your Web site gain visitors, generate leads, and become an effective part of your marketing mix.