About digiPETE.com

The cabin where it all started digiPETE's Custom Code Shoppe, now 10 years in the business, provides a one-on-one customer relationship with a fun approach that promotes creativity. Discover the difference a properly strategized web marketing plan will make, and find out how a little custom code will make your website work for you.

Outsourcing your web development just makes sense for a small to medium sized business, and is much more affordable than you might think.

My experience in web development dates back to my many years in manufacturing, and supply chain management. Not only am I expert at the technology side of e-commerce but the fulfillment side as well. From starter business to large warehouse operations, a digiPETE solution means a complete solution as well as support from real world experience.

Pete Quintanilla
Owner, digiPETE's Custom Code Shoppe